Tultex Shirts- Blues That Bleach and Sublimate

Tultex Shirts- Blues That Bleach and Sublimate

Bleaching and sublimation has become quite the trend! Who knew splashing some bleach on a shirt and putting a fun print on it could bring not only joy to the creator but also a little money in their pocket?!  If only it was that easy.....

Just when we think we have figured out which shirts bleach, we find that rule doesn't work in a different brand.  The only way we typically find that out is by trial and error- which can result in money wasted.  No one has time for that, right?

Let's talk about one of our top selling products- the Tultex 241 unisex shirts.  They are 65% polyester and 35% cotton.  For the most part- they bleach and sublimate beautifully.  However, we get the blues about the blues.  (see what I did there?)

Tultex 241 Heather Royal does not bleach.

Tultex 202 (which is 50/50 blend) DOES bleach and yes, you can sublimate on it.

Let's talk youth Tultex shirts.  Again, the heather colors bleach and sublimate beautifully; with a few exceptions.  Let's talk just about the heather royal blues today.

Tultex YOUTH 265 is 65% poly/ 35% cotton  DOES NOT BLEACH

Tultex YOUTH 235 is 50% poly/ 50% cotton  DOES BLEACH

I know.  Mind blown and super confusing. We are with ya on that.

Save this post because it will save you money! (you can buy more shirts that bleach and sublimate with that money! )


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Hi Laura! No, cotton does not hold sublimation inks. You will need a Heather Mellow Yellow, Tultex 202.


I bought a tultex 202 mustard yellow and it says 100% cotton. Will it sub?

Laura Kerby

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