Tultex 241 Shirts That Just Won't Sublimate or Bleach

Tultex 241 Shirts That Just Won't Sublimate or Bleach

Here is another fun one- some shirts bleach and some don't.  Tired of spending money on shirts that, by all the bleaching and sublimation rules, should bleach but leave you discouraged instead? Let us help you out!

First, I must say that we can not be held responsible for shirts that don't bleach. I have to put this disclaimer out there. There are sooooo many variables when it comes to bleaching.  We are simply letting you know, from our personal experience, what has worked well for us and what hasn't.

Let's take the awesome Tultex 241 heathered color shirts in this post.  Just another friendly reminder- we never encourage bleaching 100% cotton shirts. Yes, we know; some people love bleaching them and will say they work great but for the majority of us, it will not work. The bleach will continue to weaken those cotton fibers until holes appear making the lifetime of your beautiful design either die instantly or a slow, painful (and expensive) death.

Ok, back to the wonderful Tultex 241 heathered shirts.  They are soft, a little thin, kind of reminding us of a Bellas Canvas shirt.  The Tultex 241 style happens to be a 65/35 blend, just like are favorite Gildan Softstyle.  

Let's cut to the chase.

Here is a list of the Tultex 241 heathered shirts that WILL NOT bleach:

1. Heather Denim

2. Heather Graphite

3. Heather Royal

4. Heather Grey (light enough to sublimate directly on though!)

5. Black

Don't be discouraged as Tultex 202 has a 50/50 item that will save the day with a few of these colors but you will have to wait for the next blog post.

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