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How Can I Use Bleach Safely When Bleaching Shirts?

To make sure you’re using bleach safely, follow these steps:

1) Read the label before using any cleaning product.
2) Only use outdoors in a well-ventilated area.
3) Make sure the container has been opened and closed properly.
4) Wash hands after handling the container.
5) Keep out of reach of children and animals.
6) Don’t mix bleach with ammonia or other chemicals.
7) Wear gloves when working with bleach.
8) Store bleach away from heat and sunlight as it tends to deactivate the bleaching effect needed for the heather shirts.
9) Never leave bleach open or unattended.
10) If you spill bleach, immediately rinse the area with water.
11) Do not ingest bleach.

*Splashless bleach tends to not work as well as regular bleach when it comes to bleaching shirts for decorating.
** Mixture of half water and half bleach works well with most shirts, especially thinner shirts such as Bella Canvas and Tultex brands.

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