Can You Bleach 65% Polyester & 35% Cotton and use for Sublimation?

­Sublimation printing is an affordable way to print on clothing that will last for years. The process involves using heat to transfer ink onto fabric. Sublimation ink only adheres to polyester fibers. Sublimation ink can not be used on dark fabrics which is why most people choose to bleach their shirts.

The higher the polyester count in the shirt, the more of your sublimation ink will stick to the fabric through washes resulting in a more vibrant, longer lasting image.

Polyester fibers do not bleach therefore you must have a mix of cotton fibers to reach the bleaching effect. We do not recommend bleaching 100% cotton due to the deterioration of the fabric over time. Polyester fibers are needed to hold the sublimation print and cotton is needed to reach the bleaching effect. Please do your research though because not all poly cotton mixes will bleach white. 

A few of our favorite shirts to bleach and sublimate are:

Gildan 64000 Heather Softstyle (65/35 blend)
Tultex Heather (meaning poly/cotton blend) 241 (65/35 blend)
Tultex Heather 202 (50/50 blend)

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